10 startups participate in the second “ZAIN Great Idea” station

Zain Telecom revealed the names of the Kuwaiti technology startups that will visit the second station of the regional acceleration program in Riyadh during the global conference “LEAP” specialized in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, as part of the seventh session of the “Zain Great Idea” program.

Zain announced that the ten Kuwaiti companies are “Octopus AI” for managing customer care with artificial intelligence, “Baims” for digital education, “BNCHR+” for car services and roadside assistance, “Bookr” for electronic reservations, and “Ghaseel” for care services. With vehicles, “Li3ib” for sports stadium reservations, “Looksie” for online shopping, “Ruba” for managing education and school payments online, “RZQ” for delivering consumer orders, and “Spedia” for electronic education.

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Over the course of 4 days in Riyadh, business owners will participate in the second edition of the global “LEAP” conference, which brings together more than 100,000 technical innovators and experts from all over the world, to discover innovative and pioneering ideas, build new partnerships, and communicate with investors and inspirations to build a more promising future. innovative.

Zain indicated that it chose this exhibition for its second stop, since the Saudi market is one of the most important and largest regional markets, especially with the proximity of the geographical area and the great similarity in culture and target audience.

Late last year, the company organized the “Super Saturday” event, during which the participants in “ZGI” presented their startups, their strategic goals and work plans, to a jury consisting of entrepreneurship and innovation experts, representatives of investment companies and startup accelerators.

The committee studied and evaluated all the participants and selected 30 companies to join the regional acceleration programme, of which 10 participated in the first station of the program in Dubai, in addition to the ten companies that will participate in the second stage in Riyadh.

“Octopus AI”

An intelligent digital platform that brings together customer conversations from social media channels and the “WhatsApp” application in one place. It is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software platform that helps companies build a sustainable and long-term relationship with their customers, through a wide range of digital solutions based on intelligence technologies. artificial.


An e-learning platform that offers recorded lessons to undergraduate students in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Turkey. It aims to introduce digital transformation into the concept of traditional private lessons, by giving students the opportunity to study the scientific material at the pace that suits them through recorded lessons, with the ability to record notes and participate in live lessons. Taking mini tests and others through the website and smart phone application.


An application that provides a wide range of fast and efficient car maintenance services at the customer’s location, so that roadside assistance services can be requested with the click of a button and the service provider’s arrival can be followed live on the map.


A platform that offers a wide range of cloud-based software solutions to provide point-of-sale services for small and medium-sized companies operating in the personal care and salons sector, and provides an easy and simple process for booking appointments to be the point of connection between customers and companies providing services, and receives hundreds of reservations per month, and it has offices in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia .


“Ghaseel” provides an easy and fast way to request washing and vehicle care services of all kinds at the time and place preferred by the customer. It is the first application for car wash services in Kuwait, and it has been expanded to Saudi Arabia.

Vehicle washing, tire replacement, window tinting, and other services can be requested at home, workplace, or anywhere from one of the approved service providers in the application.


“Ta’eb” provides an easy and simple platform to reserve sports courts for practicing any sport such as football, paddle board, tennis and bicycles. Users can discover new places to practice their favorite sports, reserve stadiums without the need for communication, and get the opportunity to participate in local tournaments.


An electronic social marketplace for the purchase and sale of distinctive handcrafted products in the Middle East. It provides a space for creative people who are passionate about creativity to buy, sell and participate in all distinctive handicrafts. It empowers designers, craftsmen and artists to publish their creativity, and provides them with the support and solutions they need to transform their hobbies and passions into profitable businesses.


A unified online marketplace to manage all financial needs related to education in the Middle East and North Africa. It provides an easy and convenient installment plan to pay school fees without any additional costs. Parents can easily manage their money by paying school fees for their children on a monthly basis. It also helps educational institutions to obtain upfront capital.


A platform that creates a link between the customer and the nearest driver on the map to help him with everything he needs, whether receiving orders and products, delivering orders and needs, and more, and any independent correspondent can set the prices of his delivery service on the platform so that customers choose the offer that suits him in terms of price and distance And evaluation, and business owners and companies can put their own stores on it to facilitate the management of delivery of their products and services.


A leading e-learning platform that aims to develop cognitive skills through simple, easy-to-understand educational methods. It targets students from kindergarten to high school, and covers basic subjects from the local curriculum through recorded lessons, live classes, and others.

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