10 initiatives to increase Emiratisation and empower young people in the labor market

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development revealed a set of government initiatives aimed at empowering young people in the labor market and raising the percentage of Emiratisation within the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. To match them with vacancies that are announced by government agencies.

She indicated that the self-employment initiative aims to organize and stimulate self-employment to contribute to creating job opportunities for Saudis, through quick and easy procedures, and the flexible work system enables the employer to contract with job seekers flexibly, as the wage is calculated on an hourly basis, without being restricted. With paid vacations, or end-of-service benefits, and a remote work experience period is not required, and the remote work system aims to exploit the successive technical developments to provide job opportunities that transcend the barriers of time and place, and combine the facility owner with the employee through an electronic work environment.

The National Labor Portal “Taqat” is one of the initiatives of the Human Resources Development Fund, and it is a comprehensive electronic platform for the labor market, both public and private, and employment service providers. .

As for the National Path platform, it provides its electronic services to government agencies, employees and individuals in managing and developing human resources in accordance with the executive regulations for government human resources, and it is considered a technical arm of the ministry that all public sector employees can benefit from. Human resources and social development provide care for the Saudi worker and his family during the period of his unemployment due to circumstances beyond his control.

The program works to bridge the transitional gap between two jobs by providing the minimum income to provide him and his family with a decent living, in addition to providing the necessary training and helping him to search for another job. It provides beneficiaries with an integrated support system through training and qualifying the beneficiary, in addition to a monthly financial allowance that he receives to help him in his serious search for a job. The head of work, which is directed to male and female graduates from local and foreign universities, and aims to train them in government institutions and distinguished companies in the private sector, so that they can acquire the expertise and skills necessary to prepare and prepare them to participate in the labor market. The Human Resources Development Fund established in 1440 AH a goal leadership academy in order to prepare and develop leaders The future of the national employees of the private sector.

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