10 controls to ensure accuracy and raise the efficiency of water meters

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization is preparing an integrated list of water meters that includes 10 controls to ensure the accuracy of the meters’ work in various conditions.

The controls considered the manufacturer or importer responsible for implementing all the technical requirements and requirements and for not making them available in the market unless they had a national type approval certificate and an initial verification certificate.

The service provider must provide the necessary logistical means, including dismantling the water meters and transporting them to the authority’s laboratories, the verification authority, or any laboratories approved by the authority to conduct periodic verification or verification after maintenance and in the event of a complaint.

He must also replace the water meter that was rejected during the periodic check or sudden check, and install a replacement meter with a valid verification certificate. He is also obligated to provide the necessary information on the water meters to the inspection and installation body according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and there is a way to protect the water meters from climatic conditions and not be affected Metrological characteristics of water meters or measurement results, when communicated with any other instrument.

Water meters must also meet the metrological requirements and measure the volume of water flowing in liters or cubic meters (m3), and be equipped with a place designated for placing protection seals to prevent access to the parts of the meter and the software used inside or connected to it, which affect the metrological characteristics.

The initial verification takes place in the laboratories of the manufacturer, his authorized representative, distributor, importer, or any laboratory specified by the Authority under its supervision. The initial verification is conducted on a representative sample of the batch, and the conditions for acceptance and rejection of the entire batch are determined in accordance with work procedures issued by the Authority. The validity period of the initial verification certificate for the water meter is 5 Gregorian years, and if some refuse, the initial verification checks are repeated.

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