1.6 billion requests for telehealth in 2025

Sources specialized in digital health expected that the size of the digital health and telehealth market in both the Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates would jump to two billion and 12 million riyals ($ 536.5 million) until 2025, starting from 454 million riyals (121 million dollars) in 2019. Indicating that this includes virtual visits.

Experts in Frost & Sullivan indicated that the volume of demand for telehealth services in the Kingdom is expected to reach one billion and 600 million riyals in 2025 compared to 425 million riyals in a year, to record a growth of more than 24%.

They explained that telehealth is a promising model for health care services in both the Kingdom and the UAE, as the two governments are working to develop a strong digital health infrastructure to support health care services remotely, noting that the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing will arise accordingly. An unexpected demand for telehealth.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the launch of the innovation strategy and digital health strategy in both the Kingdom and the UAE is a major factor in driving digital transformation in the healthcare sector in both countries. Moreover, the increasing demand for consumer-focused services and tools in the healthcare system and increasing participation The private sector, through public-private partnership (PPP) models, is leading the telehealth sectors in the two countries towards maturing at a rapid pace as large healthcare institutions partner with retail companies, healthcare information technology, information and communication technology and insurance companies.

Frost & Sullivan experts indicated that 90% of spending on health care in the Kingdom in the next decade will be covered by health insurance in the private sector. Therefore, the need for management and preventive care will intensify competition among private sector participants, and the main competition will be in the direct way to Consumer and partnerships with private or public healthcare facilities.


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